Aibird Uoplay is a gimbal stabilizer for shooting high-quality stable images without fuzzy images from camera shake or jitter. With Aibird Uoplay, you can capture the most stunning shots on every journey and shoot documentaries like National Geographic.


Every shot will be perfect!

Home video

Capture every moment of happiness

Action sports

sweat, strain, capture, and remember

Live Broadcast

You could be the next online celebrity!

The Cinema of Life

turn your life into a professional movie

Stability horizon

Uoplay is 3 axis gimbal stabilizer compatible with phones and GoPro action camera.
The 3 motors are controlled by the gyroscopes, which stabilize itself to easily achieve professional movie effects similar as using a rocker, sliding rail, or other professional equipment. Uoplay eliminates the shake of the phone to ensure the highest quality, cinematic videos possible.

No stabilizer shooting
Use stabilizer shooting
Perfect Technique

the craftsmanship is exquisite.

Machining from a five-axis CNC machine tool, trimming done with a high ray CNC Machine (100,000 rpm/min)

Ultra high color value

Every detail is painstakingly designed

textured workmanship with a CD graining machine, made from aviation grade aluminum and oxidation treatment
of the aluminum alloy ensure the highest quality, while providing a look that is both simple and elegant

Pioneering Horizontal and Vertical Shooting

Uoplay is the first to provide a horizontal and vertical shooting function.
The one-click mode switching starts your cell phone.

One-click Photographing/Shooting

Without even touching the cell phone

capture the perfect shot with just one-click using the stabilizer.

High-precision Rocking Bar

High precision data acquisition

The rocking bar has been precision engineered with a variable damping
design that is optimized for horizontal movement.

This ensures both a comfortable feel with the highest possible precision.

Safe Descension

user-friendly design

This user-friendly design prevents the cell phone from
hitting the stabilizer after power off.

Intelligent Stabilizer Control Algorithm

The stability has an adaptive control algorithm with real-time compensation (16,000 time/s) and ultra fast sampling (80000 time/s)

Stabilizer shoot more stable

Remote Control

Remote Control

The 2.4G wireless remote controller enables long distance control to meet
diverse application requirements.

Easy Operation

Two simple buttons

power button + function button, provide both control and one-click operation for
switching between six modes.

Common Use

The 1/4'' universal screw connection

compatible with common accessories like poles and tripods, allowing you to adjust the
shot angle and distance.

Multiple Purposes

all-metal clip

secure mounting on all camera types. In addition to fastening
cell phones smaller than 6 inches

the clip is also compatible with GoPro and Yi action cameras.

Personalized colors

Brilliant external,splend intrinsic

Personalized colors for you to choose.

Gift Box-like Packaging

six-sided drop test

The gift box-like packaging design is simple, attractive

protective, and passes the six-sided drop test.

Rich accessories

We provide a wealth of accessories, so you can apply more occasions to shoot Uoplay.

wireless remote control to meet the demand of remote operation.

Three tripod, provide more shooting angle and more abundant application scenarios.

They are all in use

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