KC 3400
Vertical Takeoff and Landing  Fixed Wing UAV

Durable Aerial Survey
Various Carrying  

Applicable to pressing project with large works and typical operating area  more than 20 square kilometers

Low altitude aerial survey--AIBIRD Operation Procedure

AIBIRD Low Altitude Aerial UAV solutions   meet the mapping needs in 1: 500 to 1: 2000 large scale , and conduct a comprehensive promotion  in domestic Surveying and mapping Bureaus with support from the Ministry of land and resources and the State Bureau of Surveying and mapping geographic information .


1.Aerial survey case of land planning--1:1000

Terrain: :mountains,Terrace

Area:8 square kilometers

Altitude:1200 meters

Photography information: 1  sortie flight , 10 routes, 260 valid images

1.The survey case of one surveying and mapping institute--1:500

Terrain: urban areas

Area: 2 square kilometers

Altitude:300 meters

Photography information: 1  sortie flight , 12 routes, 185 valid images

Routes planning:polygonal line with 4 folds

Final result:DSM+DEM+DOM