Outwit, UAV data processing master

Photometic three-dimensional(3D) processing software is simple,simple operating and easy learning.
It is powerful 3D processing software with fast processing of images and camera calibration function .
This software can generate DOM,DEM and other similar data as well as measuring distance,area and volume.

Drone surveying and mapping process includes camera calibration, route planning, aerial photography, and Photogrammetric processing. Aibird tilting photogrammetry software Photometric at low altitude to gererate 4D videos with calibration of aerial camera.

  • Feature extraction

    Extracting the texture features on each image

  • image matching

    Fully automatic image feature matching, generating a dense matching relationship.

  • Spatial triangulation

    Calculate the camera orientation, matching point coordinates

  • coordinate transformation

    According to control the 3D coordinates of the point, the coordinate system is transferred to the local coordinate system.

  • Generation

    Dense point cloud; triangular mesh; contour line; digital elevation model DEM; digital normal image DOM.

Low Altitude Aerial Mapping
Emergency Rescue
Resource Survey
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