Aibird Mapcloud
one-key to jigsaw puzzle rapidly,
and apply in many ways
智能鸟 Aibird Mapcloud

MapCloud is currently fastest puzzle software to be easy operation and fast puzzle .
This software can complete puzzle for 100 images in 10 minutes and has good effect ,
so it has good results under easy quick operation to be widely used in monitoring,surveying,
forest fire prevention,powerline inspection and other industries

MapCloud fast photo stitching software,one key quickly photos stitching, easy to operate and fast speed, is the fastest photo stitching software in China.Finish 100 images stitching within 10 minutes.Good images stitching effect ,apply to detection, investigation, forest fire prevention, power line inspection and other industries.Convenient and fast.

  • Import Data

    Creat new file to be imported the corresponding data such as image,POS,Camera parameters,then click ok

  • Image mosaic

    After the data is imported, select the correct camera and image path, click the automatic start to tile images.

  • One key processing

    Click on a button to start the process of automatic image mosaicing, no manual intervention.

  • Result output

    After the data is generated, click on the output of general image masaicing,the results can be found in the folder .

MapCloud Teaching Videos
Low Altitude Aerial Mapping
Emergency Rescue
Resource Survey
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