Handling complexity by simplicity
Power-assist persistent aerial survey
KC2000 Oil Moving Fixed-wing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
more simple operation settings | longer flight time | more secure detail protection
more professional air frame design | more powerful oil movement support | more advanced integrated configuration
Rear engine design

With the powerful rear 30cc engine,
2.8L fuel tank to fill a cruise 450Km.

High-Strength composite fuselage structure

The carbon fiber armor design of fuselage reduce the weight
while increase of the main structure strength.Fuselage surface
with high temperature resistance ,toughness advantages by using
honeycomb structure,Kevlar fiber composite and aramid fiber
which is equivalent to 5 times steel.

Blended wing body design

The unique aerodynamic configuration gives
aircraft with the maximum lift-drag ratio .
It greatly improve the aircraft's load capacity and endurance.

Shock absorption protection sponge design

The aircraft nose using of special sponge
can effectively absorb the kinetic energy
of landing and increase the buffer.

Umbrella Opened from the bottom of UAV

Using the parachute’s own weight
to ensure the success rate of opening and can
also protect the aircraft equipment will not be
damage by the impact of landing wave.

Operating procedures
Catapult take-off

Using patent-guided ejection device take-off, no need remote control.

Intelligent Flight Control

No need professional operators,automate operational processes. Simply complete the setup on the computer, automatically complete the route design, free to fly.

Fixed-point parachute

Opening parachute from bottom-cabin and backside landing design,high success rate of releasing parachute effectively protect the airborne equipment safety.

项目 参数
fuselage length 1.08m
wingspan 2m
TOGW 9kg
actual payload 2kg
driving mode 单油机驱动
takeoff mode 弹射
landing mode 伞降
ceiling height 3000m(High altitude aircraft need OEM)
size of load cabin 0.16m*0.20m*0.16m
项目 参数
maximum voyage 450km
cruise speed 110km/h
duration of flight 4小时
maximum wind resistance ability 6级
stalling speed 60km/h
distance control 20km
camera capable to carry Full-frame digital SLR
resolution 36 million pixe
typical operation efficiency 1:500 a sorties 10 square kilometers
1:1000 a sorties 40 square kilometers
manufacturer supply
Post - processing differential system
camera calibration
free training
six years’ experience
one package solution
conversion service
accompany with fly for the first time
Low Altitude Aerial Mapping
Hydrological Monitoring
Emergency Rescue
Electric Powerline Inspection
Enviromental Protection
Resource Survey