Aibird KC1600
Make it easy
Leader of UAV aerial survey
more simple operation settings | longer flight time | more secure detail protection
more professional air frame design | more powerful oil movement support | more advanced integrated configuration
High-Strength composite fuselage structure

  Fuselage with carbon fiber skeleton,the main structure is high strength,
light weightand not easy deformation.Fuselage surface with high temperature.
resistance ,toughness advantages by using honeycomb structure,Kevlar fiber
composite and aramid fiber which is equivalent to 5 times steel.

Unique dual motors design

According to the civil aviation’s dual power back up standard to use dual motor.
 Even though one of the motor broken, it can safely return.
   Powerful and the maximum climb angle is more than 15 °
   Ensure the normal operation in the six scale of wind force condition.

All-round protection

Special sponge protect the landing force point ,airborne equipment and data safety
    and avoid wearing of the fuselage’s key parts.

Rudder surface integral shaft-through design

Enhance the aerodynamic performance of the fuselage,energy saving and environmental
protection.This can greatlyprotect the safety of the transmission
device and ensure the steering servo control accuracy.

Easy to assemble and disassemble

The whole machine is assembled with two screws ,simple structure ,convenient for
disassembly and assembly, easy to transport.

Operating procedures
Catapult take-off

Using patent-guided ejection device take-off, no need remote control.

Intelligent Flight Control

No need professional operators,automate operational processes. Simply complete the setup on the computer, automatically complete the route design, free to fly.

Fixed-point parachute

Opening parachute from bottom-cabin and backside landing design,high success rate of releasing parachute effectively protect the airborne equipment safety.

KC1600 technical parameters
item data
fuselage length 1m
wingspan 1.6m
empty weight 3.5Kg
ceiling height 海拔6000m
cruise speed 60km/h
driving mode dual motor drive
actual payload 700g
size of load cabin 0.14m*0.12m*0.09m
item data
maximum wind resistance ability 6级
distance control 2-6km
duration of flight 70min
takeoff mode ejection
landing mode parachute
stalling speed 36km/h
typical operation efficiency 1:500 a sorties 1.5 square kilometers
1:1000 a sorties 6 square kilometer