Aibird KC-DGPS Difference
携手北斗 精益求精

KC-DGPS is a high performance GNSS system for Airborne Remote Sensing applications,
was designed by Wuhan AIbird UAV Co.,Ltd.KC-DGPS receiver can record real-time satellite original data,
after the flight mission through a dedicated processing software to process post-mission
differential can get centimeters of the dynamic position and height accuracy,reduce at least 80% of
phototopography control point and greatly improve aerial survey operational efficiency and data accuracy.

KC-DGPS differential post-processing software has the advantages of simple appearance, simple operation and fast POS data calculation, and greatly improves the precision of POS data.

  • Data Import

    Import the POS data, the mobile station data, the exposure time, the original photo, and the base station data into the software.

  • Flow chart solution

    Automatic matching the image features to generate dense matching relationship.

  • Export Results

    Differential post-processing software calculate the original POS then export a new POS file.Software comes with precision report ,can output rinex file.

KC-DGPS Teaching Videos
Low Altitude Aerial Mapping
Emergency Rescue
Resource Survey
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